What’s it all for?

Both engaging with and challenging art historical legacy, Holmes’ first solo exhibition with Unit London presents his reinterpretation of traditional still life painting. Neon lights weave their way through each piece, creating what the artist refers to as “illuminated gestures” and punctuating each painting with vibrant physicality. Similar to pieces of music or theatre, each work presents different movements to generate a dynamic and visceral viewing experience.

Vanguards presents new and original works from forward-thinking international artists: Nettle Grellier, Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi, Alessandro Keegan, Julia Bennett, Sunyoung Hwang, Maxwell Mustardo, Gao Hang, Amadeo Morelos, Mark Corfield-Moore, Lucas Price, Hannah Lupton Reinhard, Tan Yongqing, Zhang Ji, Bel Fullana​​, Ann Hirsch.

Join us on 7 of June in our Mayfair gallery, to celebrate the opening of Thrush Holmes’ What’s it all for? and the group exhibition, Vanguards.


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Baked in folk-inspired colour, Braintree presents the Los Angeles suburb caught within a fleeting moment of contrast. Lingering between shadow and light, night and day, Armstrong’s masterful handling of light imbues the staticity of the buildings with a movement of their own, as they hum with the liminal energy present in the evening hours.